Particular conditions

The present general conditions will regulate the contractual relation between Vip Cars Ibiza, S.L. (The lessor) and the customer (the lessee), under which the first gives to the second the use of a vehicle for the term, price and other conditions that are to be seen in the lease.


1. The lessee receives the vehicle described in the contract in correct working condition and without deficiencies, with complete documentation, as well as with a set of keys, tools and accessories, especially reflective vests and warning triangles, which should check The tenant at the beginning of the lease, notifying any deficiencies in the office rent the vehicle. The lessee must also check that the child seats are properly anchored. The lessor assumes no responsibility for the lack of verification of these aspects that are the sole responsibility of the lessee. It is mandatory that the tenant always carry his copy of the lease. 2. The lessee receives the vehicle with the full tank and is obliged to return it in the same state. Otherwise, you will be charged the cost of gasoline plus a processing fee according to the rates in force and available at VipCarsIbiza, which can be charged to the deposit or to the credit card with which the payment has been made.


1. The lessor will keep the reservation until sixty minutes after the agreed time, not being obliged to provide the service in the agreed conditions after that term. Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before the start of the lease. 2. The lessor will not refund an advance of the rental price already paid or an eventual difference. In the same way you can cancel the reservation prior to the start of the rental. In case of cancellation the lessor will refund the advance of the rental price already paid, retaining a cancellation fee corresponding to the rental price (as explained in D including supplements and eventual extras) of maximum 3 days. Cancellations can be made online ( or in writing to: VipCarsIbiza S.L AV. Pedro Matutes Noguera 40 07800, Ibiza, E-Mail: In case of not picking up the reserved vehicle or not picking up the vehicle at the agreed time, the lessor will retain the total of the rental price already paid.


1. At delivery of the vehicle the lessee will have to present the valid driving license for the vehicle and in force in the country of rental. In case of reservations of prepaid rate the lessee will have to present the means of payment used for the realization of the reservation. In case the tenant does not present such documents, the landlord will resolve the lease; Without compensation to the lessee. The vehicle may only be driven by the lessee, or by the relatives or employees of the same that he authorizes, as well as those persons designated in the lease. It is the responsibility of the lessee that any driver is in possession of a driving license in force and valid for the countries in which the vehicle is used. At the request of the lessor must relate the persons authorized to drive the vehicle, indicating in writing name, surnames and address of the same. This will be especially applicable where the authorities require the lessor to identify the driver who has committed an infringement. 2. The vehicle may only be used on public roads and highways. It is expressly prohibited: A) Participate with the vehicle in races, contests or challenges of any nature; B) Use the vehicle to carry out driving practices; C) Use the vehicle for testing; D) Transporting people or goods for consideration; E) Subarrendar the vehicle; F) Committing criminal acts with the vehicle, even if such act only considers criminal at the place of commission; G) Driving the vehicle inferior to physical conditions, motivated by alcohol, drugs, fatigue or illness; H) Use the vehicle to push or tow other vehicles; I) Use the vehicle in case of risk, in particular, to illuminate the alarm lights on the dashboard. J) To carry in the same toxic, flammable and generally dangerous substances; K) Handle the odometer of the vehicle, and must notify immediately to the lessor any fault of the same. 3. It is expressly forbidden to move the vehicle from the island (Ibiza) to the peninsula and vice versa and / or between the islands, all with the express authorization of the lessor. 4. The lessee will be personally and jointly responsible for the persons who drive the vehicle during the lease. 5. Without prejudice to the responsibility of the lessee against third parties, if any of the circumstances provided for in items 1 to 3 occur, the lessor may terminate the contract with immediate effect, as well as claim compensation for damages , Including loss of profit, that the breach in question has caused.


1. The rental charges are those outlined in the rental agreement. The minimum charge will be for a 24-hour rental. Unless a bonus or special price has been agreed upon. 2. The lessor reserves the possibility of modifying the charges and discounts that they bring cause of a manifest error or of incorrect data contributed by the lessee. 3. With respect to extras or extras, such as mileage, children's chairs, telephone, navigation systems, chains, airport taxes, etc., they will be invoiced based on the rates in force at the time of booking. In case you have not booked in advance, the rates in force at the time of picking up the vehicle will apply.


1. The rental price, as well as any supplements contracted such as liability limitations, delivery charges, airport taxes, etc., and taxes, expire and are payable at the beginning of the lease. In leases for periods longer than 28 days, maturities will occur in periods of 28 days, always at the beginning of each period. 2. In relation to prepaid rate bookings, the rental price as well as other agreed amounts will be payable at the time of booking and charged to the credit card that the tenant communicates the day after the reservation is made. 3. The lessee will also provide a deposit at the start of the lease for an amount equal to three times the rental price, plus the supplements contracted such as liability limitations, delivery charges, airport charges, etc., and taxes. In leases for periods longer than 28 days, the maximum amount of the bond will be three times the rental price plus the supplements contracted and taxes referred to a period of 28 days. 4. The said bond will guarantee any obligations or responsibilities of the lessee vis-à-vis the lessor. This is authorized to apply the amount of the bond to the payment of such responsibilities, notwithstanding the possibility of claiming those that exceed the amount of the bond. 5. Unless otherwise agreed, the rental price, the deposit and all other agreed amounts will be charged to the credit card that the lessee communicates. 6. The supplements, charges and other payments that become evident at the end of the contract will be charged to the same card. The lessee may require the breakdown of the items invoiced, having a period of 30 days from the receipt of the invoice to challenge them. 7. In cases where it is agreed to pay against invoice remission, this will be payable within 7 days from its issuance, and the lessor may be made to collect it by direct debit. 8. The lessee shall default on the day following the expiration of the corresponding payment obligation, without any requirement being required. In the event of default, an interest calculated on the basis of legal interest, increased by three points, may be required.

G. ACCIDENTS / THEFT / DENIAL COMPLAINT 1. In case of accident, theft, fire, damages caused by nature, and in general in any event of damage, the lessee must do everything possible to protect the interests of the lessor. In particular, it will immediately give the police part before the commission of a crime, if there are injured or if the culpability of those involved should be investigated. 2. In the event of an accident, the lessee must complete the standardized friendly declaration part that will be found between the vehicle documentation and inform the lessor of the accident within a period of no more than 24 hours, by means of a copy of the part, Within a maximum period of two days. If the opposing party refuses to subscribe to a friendly declaration, the lessee must request a police presence. 3. In addition, in any case of damages to the vehicle, the lessee must write and deliver to the lessor a descriptive part of them. 4. The accident and / or damage parts referred to in the previous points will be completed in full and with the maximum possible details, both with regard to the damages and the circumstances in which they have occurred.

H. LIABILITY RESPONSIBILITY 1. The landlord will not be responsible for damage or subtraction of the objects deposited in the interior of the vehicle. 2. The lessor's liability extends to damages caused by his employees and other persons for whom he must respond according to law, in cases of fraud or gross negligence, unless the landlord proves to have used the diligence of the good father of Family to avoid harm. The compensable damages for breach of contract will be extended only to predictable and reasonable emergent data and in no case to mere expectations. 3. The loss of the vehicle does not automatically imply an obligation on the landlord to make a replacement vehicle available.

I. LIABILITY RESPONSIBILITY 1. The lessee receives the vehicle in correct maintenance and plate, without deficiencies, except for the observations that may be made when receiving the vehicle. You must return it in the same state. The lessee is liable to the lessor for any damage or theft of the vehicle as well as in general, damages for contractual breaches, in addition to the limitations of liability that he contracts, in addition to what results from applying the legal provisions in force in the unregulated in these conditions. 2. On the other hand, the tenant and his / her collaborators shall be liable without limitation for breach of any normative provisions they may make during the term of the contract, especially for traffic violations. The lessee will keep the landlord free from any penalties, fines, fees, surcharges, and in general costs of any kind imposed on them by the Administrations. An amount of € 20 will be invoiced for consultation as compensation for the administrative tasks to be assumed by the lessor on the occasion of the consultations or requests that the Administrations direct him in order to clarify the authorship or other circumstances of an infraction or crime. The lessor may, however, claim a higher cost for such concepts if he fully complies with said higher cost and its attributability. 3. The limitation of liability will not be covered by damages incurred inside the vehicle, those caused by incorrect refueling or damage to the engine; Not damage to windows and mirrors, or tires, or damage to the base or the roof of the vehicle as well as the cost as a result of the loss of the key of the vehicle. 4. The provisions of this Chapter shall also apply to drivers which the lessee has authorized. The contractual limitation of liability here regulated shall not apply to unauthorized drivers. 5. The repair and accessory charges to be borne by the lessee will be calculated according to the average rating of spare parts set by DEKRA S.L. Or by another independent expert. The amount thus determined, if any, will be billed to the lessee. He is entitled to receive a copy of the examination. In case the cost can not be determined in this way, it will be fixed by the repair shop budget. The amount of compensation paid by the lessee for total loss will be the value of the vehicle at the occurrence of the event. Along with the amount of the emergent data thus established, the lessor is entitled to claim the loss of profit due to the impossibility of using the vehicle.

J. RETURN OF VEHICLE 1. The lease contract will have the duration initially agreed upon, at the end of which the vehicle must have been returned. However, it may be extended with the prior consent of the lessor, provided that the lessee requests it three days in advance. The original agreement will also govern for the cases of substitution of vehicle and lease for periods over 28 days. 2. The lessee is obliged to deliver the vehicle, including the keys, documentation and accessories, at the agreed place and before the expiration of the term contracted. 3. In case of late delivery of the vehicle, will be invoiced according to the rates in force at that time. 4. It is the responsibility of the lessee to guarantee the effective delivery of the vehicle to the lessor at the agreed place. In the event that it does not occur for a cause not attributable to the lessor, the lessee must compensate for the period in which he could not dispose of the vehicle, calculated on the rental price, in addition to the costs that this entailed. 5. The lessee will return the vehicle, keys, documentation and accessories in the same state in which they were delivered. In case of missing any of the accessories, the lessor will be entitled to require the following amounts: € 20 in case of missing the reflective vests and € 15 not to return both signaling triangles, cost of duplicate of the key plus € 75 Management fees, lost DVD navigation € 60. The VAT will be added to these amounts. The lessor will also be entitled to claim the cleaning costs if the vehicle is delivered in a state of dirt that exceeds the usual.

K. CONTRACT RESOLUTION 1. The parties shall have the right to terminate the contract to attend a legal cause for this. The lessor shall have the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect, in the event that the lessee is delayed in more than seven days in the payment of any overdue amounts or other fair cause. In this sense, they will have the consideration of a just cause: • The return of receipts, checks, promissory notes or credit card charges, unless the tenant makes payment within seven days. • In the event that the lessee uses the vehicle in a way that is not suitable to its destination, it causes damage to the vehicle in an intentional or grossly negligent way, including lack of maintenance or revisions when it is required to do so. • Infringement of provisions applicable to commercial transport; • Failure to comply with any of the prohibitions included in points C.1, C.2. And C.3. • And in general, when the circumstances are not demandable, the continuation of the leasehold relationship, for example, in case of a high accident rate. 2. In case of termination of the contract, the lessee will be obliged to immediately return the vehicle, keys, documentation and accessories. In any case, the lessor will have the right, when resolving the contract, to remove the vehicle from wherever it is found. 3. In the event of a contractual resolution, the lessor may claim damages and damages caused by it, which includes not only the emergent data (including cranes, expertise, legal costs, etc.) but also loss of profits due to lack Availability of the vehicle.

M. IMPORT AUTHORIZATION: By contracting with the lessor and communicating the details of your credit card at the time of hiring or at a later time, the lessee authorizes the lessor to impute to the same the credits that for the rental price, bond And any other costs and liabilities mentioned in these conditions, accrue in relation to the rental agreement.

DATA PROTECTION 1. The personal data provided by the tenant are confidential. The tenant authorizes their storage in a file owned by VIpCarsIbiza S.L, who will have the duty of secrecy on them. The personal data stored will be referred to: • To name, postal and electronic address, landline, mobile and fax numbers, date of birth, CIF, driving license data, customer number; • Charges outstanding that you can maintain with the lessor or group companies. In no case will subjective valuations or relative to the tenant's equity situation be stored. The processing of such data is exclusively intended for the maintenance and execution of normal commercial relations and the provision of services derived from the activity of the lessor. 2. The tenant may exercise their rights to access, delete and correct their personal data, as well as oppose their commercialization, use or transfer by means of a communication to the address Avenida Pedro Matutes Noguera n40 07800, Ibiza, Spain.

Q. CONDITIONS OF RENTING VIPCARSIBIZA S.L The leases of vehicles VipCarsIbiza S.L will be governed by the General Conditions of Lease of the lessor unless otherwise provided in this ordinal. Upon conclusion of a reservation of a vehicle VipCarsIbiza S.L, the lessee accepts in a binding manner the present general conditions of lease in the version in force at the time of conclusion of the contract. 1. Conclusion of the contract 1.1 The reservation of the vehicle of the desired class, made by the lessee on the Internet, constitutes a binding offer under the terms of article 1,262 of the Civil Code. The contract is perfected, - subject to the provisions of paragraph 2.5 - with confirmation by E-Mail by the landlord. The credit card holder will automatically be registered as the first driver. 1.2 A minimum age of 18 years is required for the rental of a vehicle of VipCarsIbiza S.L. 1.3 Place of performance of the contract is the collection of the vehicle.

2. Booking / Modifications / Cancellation 2.1 The lessee may make changes to his reservation by telephone, in which case a charge for administrative expenses will be applied, the amount of which is reflected in the website of VipCarsIbiza SL The invoicing will be made for the maximum amount reserved, it is Say, if after the modification, the amount of the lease is less than the original, will be invoiced the price of the initial reservation. If after the modification of the reservation, the rental price is higher, it will be billed. Modifications subject to that charge within the meaning of this provision are considered to be: A) The modification of the date / time of the collection or the withdrawal, B) Registration of additional drivers, C) Insertion of extras or additional insurance benefits. 2.2 In the event that the duration of the lease is greater than the original, the prices prevailing at that time will govern for the extended period. 2.3 Changes to reservations can only be made by telephone, by calling our hotline (664 810 830) 2.4 In the event that the lessee does not collect the vehicle made available to him, the obligations resulting from the contract will remain in force. The credits obtained for the assignment to third parties of the unused vehicle will not be compensable. 2.5 Once the tenant has confirmed the reservation, the lessor will be entitled to charge to the credit card the entire expected rental price, including the extras requested by the lessee. The rental contract will be void in the event that it is not possible to load the sums on the card. 2.6 The lease will only be refunded in the following cases: The lessee resolves the contract before the date of lease reserved for unforeseen or extraordinary causes and provided there is no fault on his part, such as: O Natural catastrophes (eg storms, fire, etc.) The war The terrorism The disease The cancellation must be in writing and be accredited (eg, medical certificate) 2.7 The lessor undertakes to make available to the lessee, after confirmation of the reservation, a vehicle for the entire term. 2.8 In the event that the group of vehicles is not available, the lessor is entitled to make an alternative vehicle available to the lessee. 3. Removal of the vehicle 3.1 The removal and / or return of vehicles can only be done during the opening hours 10:00 - 21:00, with an additional cost of 50 € if it is done outside these hours. 3.2 As an essential condition of the contract, the lessee must necessarily exhibit the following documents when the vehicle is to be removed: • Confirmation of the reservation (issued automatically at the time of booking), • All registered drivers must have a valid driving license for the country in which they are to travel (valid permission for marching vehicles) • Personal identity document or passport valid for at least three months after the date of rental • Credit card (no prepaid or debit cards, such as VISA Electrón or MasterCard Electrón) are guaranteed to guarantee all the costs that may result from the lease. Data relating to drivers and means of payment shall be set out in the reservation and shall not be modified. The lessee / person who removes the vehicle must be the owner of the credit card indicated in the reservation. The card will be displayed at the time of removal of the vehicle from the VipCarsIbiza S.L counter and must be in force. 3.3 The lack of any of these documents as well as the insertion of incorrect data in the reservation (such as the validity of the driver's license, passport or identity document) will prevent the delivery of the vehicle and will be cause for resolution Of the contract, resulting in a penal clause in favor of the lessor for an amount equivalent to that of the reserve. If said cause resolves, the lessee can not derive claims for non-delivery of the vehicle. 3.4 In case the lessee withdraws the reserved vehicle later than agreed, this will not lead to partial refund of the amount of the rent. 3.5 The provision of false information or the display of falsified documents or payment means may result in loss of insurance coverage, which will assume full responsibility for damages caused to the vehicle and third parties. . 3.6 The lessee must verify, prior to the use of the vehicle, that the data relating to the mileage and fuel deposit entered by the lessor in the lease are correct, as well as an account of any damages that may exist in the vehicle. You must immediately report any discrepancies you may have with the landlord's staff. 4. Authorized drivers It will be imperative that additional drivers be present at the time of delivery of the vehicle and display their valid driving licenses. The landlord may deny the use of the vehicle to designated drivers, with just cause. In no case is the transfer of the use of the vehicle to third parties, not registered, allowed. 5. Rental price The rental price is governed by the agreed rates at the time of rental. No changes can be made to the price once the contract has been perfected. 6. Terms of payment 6.1 Once the tenant incurs default, he / she will be liable for any damages resulting therefrom. They are understood without prejudice to other possible claims that the landlord may formulate. 6.2 Full settlement of the rental contract, ie the additional costs incurred for example, due to excess mileage, necessary refueling, extras reserved or requested at the time of removal of the vehicle, etc. Will be produced once the vehicle has been returned, and the mileage and condition of the deposit verified by the lessor's service personnel. Settlement will occur with payment of the means of payment indicated by the lessee. 7. Return of the vehicle The vehicles must necessarily be returned at the pick-up station. There is no possibility of a lease with refund in another place. The renter / driver may at any time object to the processing and use of his / her personal data for advertising purposes. Said opposition should be addressed to: VipCarsIbiza S.L, Avenida Pedro Matutes Noguera n40, 07800, Ibiza, Spain or by E-Mail: CIF: B87267423